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  • Combining Sentences
    Combining Sentences

    When youre finished, click on Grammars Version to see how we would have written that sentence. These sentences can be combined in many interesting ways, depending on what idea is put into the independe...

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  • Get the Idea
    Get the Idea

    The main idea of a paragraph tells the topic of the paragraph. The topic tells what all or most of the sentences are about. The other sentences in the paragraph are called details. Details describe or ...

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  • See More
    See More

    Buy used See More putters and save on your purchase when you . Select putters below to browse availabe models, or learn more about See More below. SeeMore has launched onto the golf scene with their ha...

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  • History Before Christ
    History Before Christ

    Invention of the wheel, most likely. With the cultivation of grains in river valleys, the age of agriculture begins. Wine and beer is produced. 5000 BCMesopotanian civilisation. Development of irrigati...

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  • Ever and Never
    Ever and Never

    Ever means at any time. Never means at no time or not at any time. We often use ever and never with the present perfect, but they can also be used with other verb tenses. They had never seen such a bea...

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