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History Before Christ

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Invention of the wheel, most likely. With the cultivation of grains in river valleys, the age of agriculture begins. Wine and beer is produced.

5000 BCMesopotanian civilisation. Development of irrigation. Cultivation of maize. Use of copper.

4241 BCEarliest recorded date in Egyptian calendar.

4000 BCMeslim, King of Kish, rules Sumeria (Southern Babylonia). Development of plowing and taming of horses.

3500 BCFirst phonetic writing and formation ofnumbering systemby Summerians, who also were among the first to use wagons for carrying goods and people.

3000 BCThe Megalithic tombs constructed Newgrange, Ireland. Building of temples and canals in Sumeria, ruled by Ur-Nina. Fourth Egyptian Dynasty founded by Snefru. The Epic of Gilgamesh, in poetry form, written (One of the oldest works of literature. Fragments of the Epic of Gilgamesh were found on clay tablets in the 19th century in the ancient city of Nineveh. It tells the story of a semidivine king named Gilgamesh who sought immortality. The king was probably based on an historical king of Uruk in Mesopotamia..)

2800 BCDevelopment of thecalendar. First recorded revolution: people from the Sumerian city of Lagash overthrew bureaucrats who were lining their own pockets but kept raising taxes.

2650 BCAkkadian Empire in Mesopotamia founded by Sargon.

2600 BCSixth Dynasty in Egypt ends the ancient Egyptian Empire. Pepy II reigns 94 years, longest reign in history.

2550 BCThe Old Egyptian Empire under Khufu, his son Khafre, and his grandson Menkure, start the construction of the great pyrimids. Invention of glass.

2500 BCMinoan Age of Cretans begins. Domestication of camels. First libraries appear in Assyria, Egypt and China. Soap used. (The first mention of soap was on Sumerian clay tablets dating to this time the soap was made of water, alkali and cassia oil.)

2400 BCUr-Engur establishes Dynasty of Ur in Sumeria.

2350 BCMesopotamian kings lay down the first recorded law, known as the Urukaginas Code. (The code has never been discovered but it is mentioned in other documents.)

2300 BCPaper made from the papyrus plant in Egypt.

2100 BCFirst Dynasty of Babylon established by Sumu-Abu. Abraham born in Ur in Mesopotamia.

2050 BCThe earliest known written legal code, Ur-Nammus Code, dates from this time. Although called Ur-Nammus Code, it is generally agreed that it was written by his son Shugli. (The code allowed for the dismissal of corrupt men, protection of the poor, giving testomony under oath, and the ability of judges to order damages be paid to a victim by the guilty party.)

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