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Combining Sentences

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When youre finished, click on Grammars Version to see how we would have written that sentence. These sentences can be combined in many interesting ways, depending on what idea is put into the independent clause and what ideas are subordinated (and how). If you think your way of combining ideas into one sentence is better than Grammar Englishs, please let us know, and if we agree, well adopt your version and give you credit. You can send us e-mail about this quiz by clicking

If you click on Grammars Version before writing your own best effort -- well, dont blame us.

1.Hartford is the capital of Connecticut.It is the second largest city in the state.Write your version in the space below:

2.Hartford was once known as an industrial center.It was the home of several manufacturers.They made firearms, typewriters, bicycles, and even cars.Write your version in the space below:

3.Today, though, several insurance companies make Hartford their home.Aetna, the Travelers, the Hartford, and Cigna are in Hartford.Their home offices are within miles of one another.Write your version in the space below:

4.Manufacturers once took advantage of Hartfords access to the Connecticut River.They also enjoyed Hartfords well-educated workforce.Write your version in the space below:

5.Eventually, cheap labor in the southern states lured manufacturing away from Hartford.Large empty factories were all that was left of Hartfords industrial past.Write your version in the space below:

6.Some of these factories have been torn down.Some of them have been converted to artists studios.Write your version in the space below:

7.Today, great wealth abounds in Hartford.The wealth is centered in the insurance industry.However, few manufacturing jobs are still available.Write your version in the space below:

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